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Vanished, FOX's new drama, chronicles the disappearance of a senator's wife. Starring Gale Harold, John Patrick Amedori, Chris Egan, Rebecca Gayheart, Robert Hoffman, Joanne Kelly, Margarita Levieva, Ming-Na, John Allen Nelson.

Tune in every Monday night at 9 p.m. on FOX.


• All posts must include at least one icon relating to Vanished and/or its actors. For general discussion, vanished_tv is the hip place to be, baby.

• When posting, please have a teaser with no more than 3 icons. Modems around the world will thank you. The rest should be under a lj-cut if you're posting directly into vanished_icons, or include a link that leads to your journal.

• Do not link to a friends-locked community/journal.

• Multi-fandom posts are a beautiful thing. However: a) Make sure you only tease with actual Vanished and/or actor icons here. b) Post only Vanished related icons inside this community. c) Do not disable comments on the post you make in vanished_icons. A MOD may need to get in touch with you about your post. Of course, you can request that all icon comments be done in your own journal.

• Spoiler icons are allowed. However, please put them behind a lj-cut. What counts as a spoiler? If it hasn't aired in the U.S., it's a spoiler. Once it does air, it's a spoiler for the next 24 hours.

• Headers, wallpapers, mood themes and other graphics are welcome as long as they're part of an icon post (that includes a minimum of 3 icons) and relate to Vanished and/or its actors.

• No requests, please.

• Credit when taking any graphics. Aren't sure how to credit? Here is a simple tutorial.

• Don't hotlink any graphics you may take. If you're not sure what it is, check here.

• Spamming for other communities is not allowed. You may advertise your own icon journal/community or a Vanished related community, but only in a post that includes icons.

• Passing someone else's work off as your own will get you banned.

Any posts that break these rules and do not remedy the problem will be deleted 24 hours after a MOD has commented with a warning.



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